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Bonar Yarns started weaving production 100 years ago. Today they continue delivering quality PP backing yarns around the world.

Bonar Yarns is exclusively represented by ENPA for the semi finished raw materials of carpet industry like PP, weft and warp yarn in Turkey.


  • Increased loom speed & efficiency via stronger yarns,

  • Reduced weight due to lighter specific gravity of PP, making it ideal for aircraft, cruise liners, train etc. carpets,

  • Excellent Carpet Stability and consistent yarn characteristics water and acid resistant making a PP Synthetic backed carpet for cruise carpets mould and fungus free

  • It promotes stable and uniform carpet width due to PP is being completely inert fully heat set yarns, essential for the contract carpet market (hotel ballrooms, airport and other large floor areas.

  • Weft yarns made from %100 recycled pp flame retardant yarns,

  • UV stabilized yarns will stop the PP yarn degrading when exposed to Ultra Violet Rays abd guarantees reliable and consistent quality for outdoor carpet applications.


BONACHAIN™ - Twisted Warp Yarns

It offers considerable savings over cotton spun yarns, because of the increased length of yarn per kg, which results in fewer beam changes and better production efficiency.

Polypropylene chain warp yarns are more stable, have less elongation and reduce creep more than polyester blend yarns, which provides better interlock within the carpet construction.



It is a 100% recycled yarn solution, which can be used throughout a variety of commercial and domestic projects. Although 100% recycled BonaEco™ can still meet all tex and shrinkage requirements consistently, so the end product is in no way compromised – making the process both environmentally and financially efficient.


BONACLAVE™ - Top of the Range Autoclaved Yarns

It is steam treated at a temperature of 150°C. The principle benefits are near zero shrinkage on every meter of yarn, twist retention and general stabilisation of yarn confirguration, especially for an open weave construction.

BONAFLAME™ - Top of the Range Fire Retardant Yarn

It is a top of the range fire retardant yarn, meeting stringent health and safety requirements around the globe. It’s manufactured under ISO 9001:2008 Quality Control System, meaning that it is suitable to be used within a variety of commercial and domestic projects.

This yarn allows the finished carpet system to meet international FR standards, which highlights how well suited the yarn is for specialist areas including the aircraft and marine market sectors.

BONASTUFFER™ - Polypropylene Warp Yarns

It is specifically made with minimum extension and shrinkage to provide a stable back for all woven carpets. High twist levels ensure better weavability.

BONAWEFT™ - Polypropylene Weft Yarns

BonaWeft yarns, which can be twisted or untwisted, are made to very tightly controlled shrinkage specifications enabling the carpet to be processed through the latex finishing operation without fear of shrinkage. The uniformity of the yarn ensures smooth running and reduces stoppages caused by yarn breaks.

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