CJ Polymers Group collaborates with ENPA  to expand our supply chain of polymers and semi finished materials for packaging, textile manufacturing from Asia Pacific countries. CJ is a key supplier to ENPA for the spot polyolefins from Southeast Asia.

We share the same values to assist our clients and customers by exploring new products and services, considering theirs at is faction as our utmost objective.

PE (Polyethylene Resin)

  • HDPE – Film, Injection, Blow Moulding, Monofilament, Pipe, Caps & Closures

  • LDPE – Garment Poly Bag, Heavy Duty Shrink Film, Injection Moulding, Tarpaulin Canvas

  • LLDPE – Film, Roto Moulding


PP (Polypropylene)

  • Homo-polymers

  • Co-polymers

  • Random