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KP Chemtech is the major partner of ENPA especially for PET packaging applications.

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KP Chemtech PET chips exhibit excellent processability, high transparency, high-stress cracking resistance, excellent thermal stability, recyclability, and reusability. Superior reheating efficiency compared to conventional CO-PET products, saving energy. reduced acetaldehyde, reduced processing temperature (energy saving),gas resistant, thermal stability, excellent IV retention.

LOTTE and KP Chemtech recognizes the environment and safety as the top management priority. Pursues green management and zero accidents through systematic management and innovation.

PET Polymer Process

  • KP Chemtech is a major PET Chips producer of South Korea based in Seoul with Ulsan production facilities.

  • Business : Synthetic Fiber & Resin Manufacture and Sale

  • Products : PA6 , PA6 Yarn ( POY , SDY ) , PET, PET Yarn ( POY, FDY, IDY )  

PET Filament