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Non Wowens (PA + PET)


Low & Bonar is a global leader in high performance materials, selling in more than 60 countries worldwide and manufacturing in Europe, North America, the Middle East and China. ENPA is the Exclusive Agent / Distributor of Low and Bonar for the pet-pa nonwovens for the floor covering industry .

They design and manufacture components which add value to, and improve the performance of, our customers’ products by engineering a wide range of polymers using their own manufacturing technologies to create yarn, fibers, industrial coated fabrics and composite materials.

These materials help to make construction sites safer, reduce carbon footprint, reduce total cost of ownership, safely manage environmental waste, promote cleaner air and water, support higher crop production and create beautiful working and leisure environments.



A high quality primary backing ensures:

  • Trouble free processing

  • Good, consistent properties of the end product

  • Flexibility in tuft constructions and design


  • Open homogeneously bonded filament based structure

  • Outstanding dimensional and thermal stability in all directions

  • High tensile strength per mass unit

  • Excellent tear resistance, especially on the edges

  • Consistent performance


– No needle deflection

– No pile extraction during dyeing

– No fraying during cutting and punching

  • Optimum stability for finished products as well as during tufting, dyeing, printing, pre-coating and backing:


  • Easy and constant processing with low chance of tearing, providing minimum waste levels and high machine uptime

  • Constant properties from batch to batch

  • Excellent penetration and fixation of (pre-) coatings

Colback Profloor

Stable filament network is based on a polyester core, as in all Colback® products, covered with a polypropylene skin. This unique bi-component skin-core composition improves processing behaviour as well as performance of the finished products. With Colback® ProFloor the toughest carpet industry standards can be met easily with a perfect floor as the result also with lower backing weights.


Colback Green

As a first nonwoven manufacturer; Green primary backings contains up to 100% recycled post-consumer recycled polyester, as well as recycled polyamide 6. cutting-edge engineering. Delivering same high performance due to content of virgin polymer.


Colback F2F

Reversible primary backings, black one side, grey the other, enabling you to reduce SKU (stock keeping unit)’s and inventory levels.

Colback F2F (Face2Face) and PF2F (ProFloor Face2Face) eliminate the need to carry inventory of two different colour primary backings for your 'light' and 'dark' carpets. With one backing for all your color needs, your inventory management is less complex and you reduce the number of raw material SKUs you need to stock. They are thermally bonded spunlaid nonwovens, made from bi-component filaments with a polyester core and either a polyamide (F2F) or polypropylene (PF2F) skin. Optimum stability in your finished products, as well as during tufting, dyeing, printing, pre-coating and backing. There's no needle deflection, no pile extraction during dyeing, and no fraying during cutting and punching. Colback also gives you excellent penetration and fixation of (pre-)coating.




Colback Gold is for carpets made by Cradle-to-Cradle concept, to combine performance with environmental responsibility. Allows manufacturers to create complex tuft constructions and helps create a smoother face in the finished carpet. It prevents stresses being built into carpet tiles during manufacturing, meaning they stay flatter and remain more dimensionally stable during a longer service life. Colback Gold spunbond fabric demonstrates company ability to tailor product properties to meet individual customer or industry needs – especially for businesses that want to contribute to a more sustainable world.



Colback® stands for class-leading technology, maximum product performance and processing efficiency. Its unique characteristics make Colback the preferred choice for premium products in the automotive industry.

Colback® backings are thermally bonded spunlaid nonwovens, made from bi-component filaments with a polyester core and either a polypropylene or a polyamide skin. Colback® offers isotropic characteristics, high tear strength and uniform elongation, allowing predictable and efficient moulding of complex shapes.


  • Strong, open and homogeneously bonded filament based structure

  • Outstanding thermal and dimensional stability in all directions

  • High tear strength and uniform elongation

  • Excellent mouldability at low temperatures

  • Colback® primary backings offer excellent tuftability

  • Consistent performance

  • Optimal adhesion in various coating / laminating systems

  • Versatile backing layer for various applications in an automotive vehicle


  • High and predictable processing stability during tufting, (pre) coating, dyeing and moulding

  • Optimal penetration and fixation of coating systems

  • High dimensional stability of moulded carpet, ensuring tight and close fitting of the carpet in the car interior

  • Material savings by stretching before moulding

  • Provides excellent mouldability at low temperatures, thereby allowing low cycle times

  • Allows production of extremely complex and deep drawn carpets at the highest quality standards

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