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Rawpolymers International Trading and Distribution s.r.o.
Our Sister Company for International Distribution
We buy polypropylene, polyethylene for packaging, medical,textile applications from
Belgium, Germany, France, Italy, Norway factories for delivery to Turkey.
Started in January 2018 owned by Esat Taş ( Mechanical Engineer, Business MBA)
Sole owner and Director
Trading and distribution of plastic raw materials, polymers (polyester, polyethylene, polypropylene etc. ) from South Korea,Central and West Europe to Turkey for textile, packaging, automotive, floor covering and hardware applications.Sale of plastic processing machines primarily from Italy ( MarisSpa ) to Turkey.Sale of semi finished textile materials from Germany, Hungary, (Propex) CR (Juta), Italy ( Carpet Backing Spa) to Turkey.
We buy textile fiber grade ( for carpet face yarns) and packaging film grade polyester
chips ( raw materials) to sell to our Turkish clients in Turkey.
Occasionally we buy Polyamide plastic chips for the same purpose for delivery to other
small clients in Turkey.
Trading of plastic raw materials, polymers ( polyester,
polyethylene, polypropylene etc. ) from South Korea, Central
and West europe to Turkey or vice versa for textile, packaging,
automotive, floor covering and hardware applications.

Korunovaci 570/18, Byt:63 Bubenec,
170 00 Praha 7, Czech Republic


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