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Ineos has also developed new resin solution in order to replace BOPET which is now named BOPE.  BOPET makes laminates  unrecyclable because PET contaminates PO streams Therefore Ineos has invested to develop for new BOPE resins. With the R&D developments Ineos aims to produce fully recyclable pouches for dry food and cosmetics.

We would like to update on recent product developments of Ineos regarding circular economy.

Ineos has been working on circular economy and  designing for recycling in order to prevent material loss and littering during production. In order to accomplish this, Ineos invested  in recycling packaging. The primary focus on this development is tethered caps in order to fulfill the obligations asserted by EU Directive 2019/904 ( Deadline in 2024). 

Ineos has dedicated a MDO Blown film line in association with Hosokawa Alpine to for flexible packaging goods whom they are the only raw material supplier. The goal is to develop recyclable mono material packaging.

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