Friul Filiere S.p.A. has carried out a complete line for small tubes for the production of: flocked swaps, dip tubing for hand sanitizers, cotton swaps, small tubes for different medical applications

Complete plant for the production of small tubes for the medical sector


Medical & pharmaceutical

Small tubing

PE / PP / PS /PVC/TPU and other thermoplastic materials

Peculiar features

Maximum production speed of tubes with the most accurate dimensional stability.

This technology is able to produce at the highest speed with the most accurate diameter control.

In particular the line for flocked swaps consists of :

• The material dosing and feeding system
• Single screw extruder with process control 4.0
• Vacuum cooling Vat Table “BA 5.5” with patented
calibrating system
• High speed haul-off unit
• Cutting unit with rotating blade at variable speed
• Chiller and heat exchanger
• Laser system for product control
• Tube collection system and automatic packaging in customized boxes
• Extrusion die equipped with the patented TUBEASY system for centering the flow.


The maximum guaranteed production capacity ranges from 1300 to 2600 pieces per minute, depending on the length required. The plant was designed for those who need a very precise system that can guarantee high quality products in line with the standard of the medical sector.