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Propex has its footprints in Europe and USA. This globally operating and ISO certified company located in Gronau, Germany, is a leader in the technical textile industry. Propex produces advanced products for a range of industries while pioneering new development and products for our customers. Propex is exclusively represented by Enpa in Turkey for the floor covering market.

Propex is known for a legacy of high‐quality and innovative solutions that displace or enhance the conventional norms throughout everyday applications. For more than 50 years, Propex in Gronau has brought innovation and leadership to the markets, serving with Technical Textiles, Grass backings as well as Carpet Backing Solutions and Innovative Composites.

The two European facilities convert polypropylene, polyester and polyethylene into fabrics and composites. Factories in Gronau, Germany and Gyor, Hungary produce a portfolio including intermediate and final products for numerous applications.



ARTIS; The first woven polyester primary carpet backing for modular tile. Artis combines all the advantages of spun bond and woven backings, setting a new standard for performance in manufacturing, grade 1 throughput, pattern definition, clarity of design, and sustainability - with a minimum content of 85% PCR PET.

ARTIS FLW; (Fiber Lock Weave) Artis combined with PCR PET fiber. The fiber is locked in standard Artis through needle punching. Artis FLW is designed for patterned carpet tiles that need additional dimensional stability. Artis FLW also has much lower luster due to the fiber cap which greatly reduces the probability of the backing being noticed on low to medium face weight tiles.

ARTIS FUZE; A multi-layered composite where PCR PET fiber is needled to standard Artis and then calendared. Artis Fuze is engineered for highly patterned carpet tiles that need additional dimensional stability beyond Artis FLW. Artis Fuze, due to its calendaring of fiber, basically eliminates any probability of the backing being seen through the face.

ARTIS TRU; A multi-layered composite where PCR PET fiber is bonded to standard Artis using a unique Propex technology. Artis Tru is engineered for highly patterned carpet tiles needing additional dimensional stability beyond Artis Fuze. Due to its uniform placement of bonded fiber, it virtually eliminates any probability of the backing being seen through the face, allowing for lighter face weight tiles.

MATRIX; A revolutionary composite primary carpet backing offers the dimensional stability and pattern definition of non-woven fabrics plus flexible manufacturing and tufting options (wet dye processing, stitch lock and mending) of traditional woven fabrics.


ACTIONBACPropex invented woven polypropylene secondary backing over 50 years ago. As the leader in secondary backing worldwide, offering styles in a variety of weights, pick counts and widths. It’s applied together with the primary base, and it’s indispensable for dimensional stability in carpet or carpet manufacturing. ActionBac has different stripe designs and colors upon request.

EOS; the new introduction of a polyester woven secondary backing, as well as moisture and stain resistant, Actionbac is crucial to extending the life of carpet due to dimensional stability. 

POLYBAC; is a woven synthetic backing that is the foundation for great floor covering. This backing offers strength, moisture/mildew resistance and long-term durability in a variety of widths, colors ad pick counts, which gives flexibility to a wide variety of tufted carpets. 

It’s used as a primary base. It’s an ideal fabric for making carpets in the Tuffting process. You may choose gray, white and black colors together with different density and weight options. Because of thermal stability, it’s not deformed due to temperature during carpeting process.

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