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We as ENPA would like to update our customers on the activities of our suppliers about Recycling / Upcycling subject . 


ENPA would like to emphasize that the issue of recycling from the customer will become increasingly important and more organized in Turkey.  With a better waste management chain, there will be initiatives to separate garbage at its source, collect, process, and turn it into a high value-added product. Good opportunities will arise for leading companies in this field. 

Below you will find links to the articles about recycling products, machinery and strategies in the future. 



Our major supplier Ineos has made decisions to convert the maximum amount of plastics used and reused as much as possible until 2025. Their goals are named as Circular Economy. In addition to these goals, on the polymer side Ineos initiated their Recycl-N program in partnership with waste management company Saica Natur. You may find the list of Recycl-N products here.



Propex provides products that are environmentally responsible. EOS is the first woven secondary backing that is made with at least 90% post-consumer recycled PET bottles with excellent “lay flat” properties better adhesion. 

Artis™ Is made with 100% polyester with at least 85% post-consumer recycled content. Artis is preferred due to it's high heat resistance. 




Colback Green backings contains up to 100% recycled post-consumer recycled polyester, as well as recycled polyamide. 


It is a 100% recycled yarn solution, which can be used throughout a variety of commercial and domestic projects. 100% recycled BonaEco™ can meet all tex and shrinkage requirements consistently, so the end product is in no way compromised – making the process both environmentally and financially efficient 



Italian Maris, which has been a successful partner of Enpa in plastic compound technologies since 1992, adapts its know-how in compound technology to high value recovery and offers an attractive solution in this regard.



Maris is among the most innovative companies in the world with its devulcanization technology for rubber recycling as well as offering solutions for all plastic applications with its new technical center and R&D group

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