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Poly-Edge is our collaborating supplier for packaging and textile type and biodegradable polymers originating in Asia Pacific. Poly-Edge is ENPA's major source of polyolefins (ppe, pe) from new capacities in Southeast Asia. We share the same values ​​with our customers in supplying new products and providing the best service.


Poly-Edge company offers compostable (biodegradable) compounds produced in India with German technology. Extrusion / coating type Bi-Flex and Terralane coded products are biodegradable products that can be coated on paper suitable for food contact.


It is also an important source for Spun Bond Non-woven (felt fabric) type 33 MFI PP and 3,4 MFI raffia PP, which is one of the products of the petrochemical plant that has just started in Malaysia.

PE (Polyethylene Resin)

  • HDPE – Film, Injection, Blow Moulding, Monofilament, Pipe, Caps & Closures

  • LDPE – Garment Poly Bag, Heavy Duty Shrink Film, Injection Moulding, Tarpaulin Canvas

  • LLDPE – Film, Roto Moulding

Ekran Resmi 2021-09-09 14.40.07.png

PP (Polypropylene)

  • Homo-polymers (Spun Bond Non-woven type 33 MFI PP and 3,4 MFI raffia PP )

  • Co-polymers

  • Random

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