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Recycled plastics lose some of their physical strength and performance each time they are recycled. By compounding recycled plastics the Recycl-IN range will meet consumer demands for an increase in the use of recycled materials, and retain the properties and high performance specification needed by converters and brand owners.


The range will cover rigid and flexible products for use in non-food contact applications. Product features will match industry standards as well as consistency and easy processing.


Recycl-IN will use Post-Consumer Recycled plastic (PCR ) from a number of recycling companies including Viridor’s new state of the art recycling plant which is due to start production in 2020. Collaboration agreements with waste management companies and recyclers such as Viridor enables INEOS to source a wide range of good quality recycled plastic, helping to drive an increase in plastics recycling and the use of recycled products.

AProducts will be available from Q4 2019 with expansions to the range expected in 2020.


Peter Williams Group Technology Director for INEOS said, “This isn’t a PR exercise. These exciting new products help to move our business and consumers towards a more circular approach. It won’t eradicate the root causes of plastic waste and pollution, but it will help change thinking about plastic waste, whilst making our business more resource efficient at the same time.”

17 October 2019


INEOS Olefins & Polymers introduces Recycl-IN. A new polymer grade range

INEOS Olefins & Polymers today announced the introduction of the Recycl-IN polymer range to its portfolio. The range contains up to 50% Post-Consumer Recycled plastic (PCR) compounded with new highly engineered virgin polymers.

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